Dear Reader,

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a set of circumstances beyond your control that changed your life forever?

I would never have thought being broke with two young children and stuck in a tiny town would have been the key to finding a life-long passion but so it was for me.

We lived in northern California in the middle of the redwood forest, miles away from a town of any size when the logging industry suffered a decline and my husband lost his job. He took up any odd job he could for us to survive and I got really good at stretching meals and making do with whatever we had at hand.

No money and no gas meant I couldn’t take the children anywhere we couldn’t walk. With no library for miles, we read and re-read the same children’s books until the covers were worn and I knew the words by heart.

That was when inspiration hit. In the middle of the night, I began dreaming up stories.

Some were rhyming, some weren’t. I started keeping a notebook by my bed so I would remember the stories in the morning. It was so exciting to have my kids beg me for more and more.

Even after we moved and they could spend time at the library and had more books of their own, they would ask for Mom’s stories. From that time until now, the germ of a story, a new adventure will hit me at the oddest times and I know to keep pen and paper handy always.

So it was with Hide & Seek. It was a germ of an idea that grew until Kenzie’s story just had to be told. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed bring her story to life.

Thank you,

KC Fox

Excerpt from Hide & Seek

by KC Fox

“Hey, there, chica, where you goin’?”

I froze for a second, then picked up my pace, tucking my head down and walking as quickly as I could without running. I knew that voice, would never forget that voice.

Moonie. My heart raced as I moved. Thank heaven I looked so different. I prayed he wouldn’t try to stop me, wouldn’t recognize me before I reached the shuttle stop and more people. People. From the corners of my eyes, I glanced around. I couldn’t believe it.  Busy, crowded downtown Denver and not another soul in sight. A hand clamped down on my shoulder and jerked me around. I tried to pull away from his hold, then squinted my eyes and twisted my mouth shut trying to look as different and ferocious as possible.


As Moonie’s buddy spoke, I couldn’t help but turn my head toward him. He looked puzzled, then a glimmer of recognition appeared on his face. No. No. No. You do not know me. I held my breath and I tried to mentally block his memory.

“Check out her necklace, man. Isn’t she the girl from the train? The one the cops are looking for?”

I let out my breath with a huff. Crap. They’d seen me on the news, too. Now what?

All I could do was try to bluff my way out of it. “Watcha’ talking about, dude. I’m Harley and I just moved here from,” I drew out the word trying to think of a far away city, “Chicago.” That was good, Chicago was a big city. “I was looking for a job at the hospital.” I pointed back toward the Denver Health Center.

Moonie held me at arm’s length and slowly looked me over from head to toe. I couldn’t stop squirming. Man, his stare and his touch weirded me out. Yuck.

“I don’t know,” he pulled me closer. “Harley here sure don’t look like her.”

“Hey,” I twisted out from under his touch and wiped my sleeve. “Do you mind? You’re messing up my clothes.” 

“Now that sounds like her.” He grabbed at my neck, holding up my mother’s pendant. “This is what she was wearing, ain’t it?”

“Let go.” I grabbed the necklace, afraid he would break it off my neck and started to back away.

“You are the bitch,” Moonie hissed. “I told you I’d make you pay if I saw you again.”

My sense of self-preservation finally kicked in. I spun around and ran. Feet thundered after me and I raced for all I was worth for a busy intersection and lots of people.

A hand landed on my jacket as I ran. I yanked to one side and the hand fell away. I reached deep inside to find the strength to pour on an extra burst of speed.  Only a couple blocks more. One of the guys grabbed the back of my jacket collar. The sudden pull backwards just about yanked me off my feet.

“Gottcha.” It was Moonie’s friend. Unfortunately, he was faster and smarter than Moonie.

“Here.” Moonie grabbed my arm. “Down the alley.”

That’s when I let out with a major scream. It was a scream worthy of an Oscar, but it didn’t seem to draw any attention. I looked wildly around, hoping, praying for help from any direction. The kid clamped a hand over my mouth and I bit him. Hard. I wasn’t going in that alley without a fight. Cursing, he shoved his cap over my face and between them they pulled me into the alley. I dragged my feet and shook my head, trying to slow them down and to loosen the cap smothering me. My head began to swim from my efforts and the lack of air. Suddenly, I tripped over something in the alley and I went down. Hard. One of the boys landed half on top of me. Moonie.          

“Now you’ll get what’s coming to you, bitch.” He yanked on my hair, the pain making me roll over on my back to face him. The fury in his face was terrifying. Oh God, I was so scared I couldn’t move; I lay there heaving breath back into my lungs.

My hands pressed against the ground as I gathered myself together to try to get up and away from the two guys looming over me. Something squishy oozed into my hand. Gross. But as Moonie grabbed at my hair and thrust his face close to mine, I clutched the sticky mess in my hand and smashed it in Moonie’s face. I rubbed it into his eyes as hard as I could. He reared back. Red goo plastered his face like blood on a zombie. He wiped frantically at his eyes with his hands and stumbled back.

“Ow, my eyes. The bitch blinded me.”

I got up on my hands and knees and tried to stand.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

It was his buddy. I wasn’t out of trouble yet. Just then a form rushed down the alley brandishing a metal pipe. Despair hit me hard and froze me where I stood.  I was in for it now. Their other friend had shown up.

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