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I’ve been holding my breath, waiting for my new book to come out since I started working on it over a year ago. And now, finally, It Happened One Night is so hot-off-the-press the pages are still steaming.

The moment I started writing It Happened One Night, I knew it was going to change my life. I suspected that the story had the potential to touch people’s hearts in a meaningful way. I simply had to do whatever it took to get it right.

And the result?

Romantic Times says 4.5 Stars! “Lisa Dale is adept at weaving beautiful, romantic, heart-wrenching stories. She pays attention to the finest details, and the effect knocks the wind out of you. Every single scene, character conflict and reaction is perfect. The only downside is that the story concludes, which means our time with these wonderful characters comes to an end.

I couldn’t have asked for a better review than that, and the great responses just keep coming in! Here’s what the story is about:

Lana Biel longs to leave her family’s Vermont wildflower farm so she can travel and see the world. And her sister Karin wants nothing more than to put down roots and conceive the child she and her husband just can’t seem to have. When a lighthearted fling with a mountain biker leaves Lana expecting, she finds herself tumbling headlong into motherhood while her sister Karin can only look on.

For help, Lana turns to Eli Ward, a man whose strong, dependable shoulders she’s always trusted. But Eli’s keeping secrets that could turn their friendship on its head. As the Vermont seasons change and the flowers in the wildflower meadows begin to fade, Lana must make some meaningful decisions about her family, her friendships, her love life, and her dreams.

Lana and Eli are on an intense emotional journey. Almost overnight their lives change, and Eli is stricken by the desire to marry the woman he loves—before it’s too late. But Lana’s not exactly in the right frame of mind for romance: she needs the dependability of his friendship now more than ever. Does Lana have the same feelings for him? And if she doesn’t, will their friendship survive?

A number of reviewers and readers have reported that this book moved them to tears—in a good way. For Eli and Lana, the journey to happily ever after is one heck of a roller coaster ride. I hope you’ll join them.

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Excerpt from It Happened One Night

© Lisa Dale

The sky above City Hall Park was overcast and chilly, gray that was nearly violet. Despite the weather the farmer’s market was crowded when Eli arrived. The smell of fresh produce sweetened the air. Apples, carrots, kale, turnips and other early fall fare gleamed in the sun. People shouted and reached over each other’s shoulders to hand money to busy vendors.

He took her hand and held tight as they walked around the table through the crowd. Her fingers didn’t tighten around his, but still he held on. He could feel the calluses on her finger tips and it made him ache to feel the rasp of them on his skin. He led her down the path through the park and only when they stopped in a shady spot away from the crowd did he let her hand go. The leaves overhead made the dry, whispering sound that meant autumn was near.

He felt as if his senses had been adjusted, set to exquisite sensitivity. He felt the breeze that stirred with the sway of her hair. He heard the cotton of her jacket whisper against her skin. He was painfully aware of the natural parallel lines their bodies made when they stood face to face. How easy it would be to take one step forward, to close the distance between them and make two lines one.

“I’m mad at you,” she said, slipping her hand out of his. Her cheeks were rosy with the chill of the air, and she was wearing a Wildflower Barn T-shirt under a brown jacket. At her neck was a simple choker made of wooden beads, and her hair fell around her shoulders, straight sloping toward the ground. “You didn’t tell me you got in a fight.”

“No,” he said. “I figured I got what I deserved.”

Her face flooded with concern. “Are you…are you okay?”

“Better every day,” he said.

“Why would you do that? You never fight.”

“I don’t know. Some sort of caveman gene.”

He thought he saw a slight smile pull at her lips.

“You missed me,” he said.


“You did.”

She pushed lightly against his arm. “You missed me.”

“Yes,” he said, “I did.” He held his breath, not wanting to break the moment of easy flirtation. A leaf, red as poppy petals, swung down from the top of a tree, fluttering before it veered sharply toward the ground. It was such a relief to see her smile. But there were serious issues at hand.

He spoke as gently as he could. “You’re still thinking of adoption?”

“It’s the only way.”

“I don’t believe that. Listen to me, Lana. I think you’d make a wonderful mom, the best, if you decided to raise the child as your own.”

“I don’t know,” she said. “It’s just that I can’t stop thinking about Calvert. About how he didn’t want us, but got stuck with us anyway. Seeing Ron reject this child…it just brings everything back all over again. I don’t want growing up to be as hard for this baby as it was for me.”

“But you can give it a good life.”

She shook her head. “You have to be dependable to be a parent. And me? I’m a flight risk. Other than Karin, you’re the only steady relationship I’ve ever had.”

“But you are steady with me. So that proves it. You can raise the baby, if you want.”

She hesitated. The wind sent a wave of brown leaves tumbling at their feet. “Are we?” she asked.

“Are we what?”

“Are we steady? I mean…you don’t want anything to change?”

His heart beat painfully hard behind his ribs as silence stretched long between them. How to answer her? He was stretching the boundaries of their friendship, deliberately, more each day. And while he didn’t plan on retreating, he did want her to know she was loved, safe, and that he wanted to be there for her and comfort her even while his demands increased.

He moved closer to her, leaned down. Her hand was close to his. He let his fingers brush hers. He thought if he could look down, he would see tiny blue sparks leaping between their hands. “Do you know why I broke up with Kelly?”


“I think you do.” His heart beat hard. He’d all but told her the truth—that he loved her. But would she hear it? And accept?

“I’m sorry it didn’t work out,” she said, but even though her voice was strong he knew her well enough to read the discomposure in her eyes, the slight clip of her breath. Good, he thought. He wanted her senses on their most sensitive setting.



“I’m glad we’re friends.”

He smiled, no longer fooled. Then he leaned down and kissed her cheek, so close to her mouth that the corner of his lips brushed hers. It nearly killed him to draw back. “You’re a flight risk I’d take on any day.”

Her eyes widened. “I…I have to get back.”

He nodded. As she walked away, the light caught her hair, gleaming white gold. He watched her until she disappeared in the crowd, and then he hummed a little under his breath as he headed home.

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