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How far would you go to attract the man who stars in your erotic fantasies? Would you pursue the tantalizing possibilities, or would you keep those forbidden dreams to yourself?

For Katie, the heroine in The Year of Living Shamelessly, she has desired Ryder for years and she doesn't think she can keep waiting for him to make the first move. She yearns for the day he would sweep her off her feet, but Ryder has kept a safe distance because he doesn't want to taint her sweetness and innocence. Katie takes matters into her own hands, transforming herself into an irresistibly sexy woman Ryder can't refuse.

But even that isn't enough to seduce Ryder into her bed. When she discovers that he likes his sex with a twist, Katie doesn't know if she's ready to tap into her kinky side. Yet as she grabs for every opportunity to explore her X-rated fantasies with Ryder, Katie discovers just how shameless she can really be.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews says that "The Year of Living Shamelessly is such a funny, sexy, daring and honest interpretation of the lengths that people go through to get notice. I couldn't get enough of this story" and The Romantic Post says "Fans will root for the courageous heroine as she takes her last stand." This book is available in print and as an e-book. You can find out more about The Year of Living Shamelessly on my website.


Susanna Carr

The Year Of Living Shamelessly

Excerpt © Susanna Carr

Katie knew it was time to strut her stuff. She had been practicing all afternoon. She moved toward Ryder, praying that she wouldn't trip. She enjoyed the aggressive feel of her new boots as she strode through the crowd, her hips swaying with every step.

She kept eye contact with Ryder, noticing not for the first time that he was all harsh lines and sharp angles. He watched her in tense silence, his brown eyes narrowing warily. She expected nothing less from him. One could tell by the crooked nose and the small white scars on his high cheekbones that he was familiar with the rough side of life.

Ryder was taller than most of the men at the party, but that wasn't what gave him a commanding presence. Tonight he wore a pair of snug faded jeans and a dark charcoal cashmere sweater, the sleeves casually pushed up. He was the kind of man who stood out in a crowd. He didn't have to do anything to garner attention, it was simply granted to him.

Katie was suddenly finding it difficult to keep her balance, especially with the way Ryder was looking at her. She had felt the same way when he helped her with her Christmas decorations earlier in the week. And there was an odd smirk on his face. That didn't bode well. She was almost breathless by the time she reached him. She gave him a slow smile, ready to toss some amazing pickup line when he gave her the look.

No, not the I'm-going-to-do-you-right-this-minute look. Wouldn't that have been nice? It was more like the you-have-to-be-kidding-me expression, complete with arched eyebrows and condescending amusement.

"Isn't it way past your bedtime?"

Her mouth dropped open. She felt the blush zooming up her neck. Her first instinct was to fold her arms and growl out It's freaking ten o'clock, but she knew, of course, no sexy siren would act that way. She might have been flaunting her newfound confidence for almost a year now, but it still didn't come naturally—at least not where Ryder was concerned. He knew how to hit all of her buttons.

Instead she tilted her head to one side and fluttered her eyelashes. "Is that an invitation to tuck me in?" she purred.

Ryder scowled, but she saw the hot flare in his eyes before he banked it. She couldn't tell if he was taken aback by her answer. Or did her suggestion tantalize some forbidden fantasy of his? That was probably wishful thinking.

"You better watch that mouth," he ordered in a brusque tone. "It's going to get you in trouble someday."

"Promise?" she asked, pursing her lips.

"Give it a rest, Katie." His voice was dangerously soft.

Unfazed by his warnings, she decided to throw caution to the wind and go after what she really wanted. Leaning forward, inhaling his delicious scent, Katie reached for the glass in his hand, making sure her cleavage was visible as she moved toward him. "I thought you liked trouble," she said, with what she hoped was a sexy smile.

His jaw clenched and a ruddy color stained his cheekbones.

Feeling like she just scored a major point, Katie brazenly took his drink and gave a hefty swallow.

Oh, God. The man drank liquid fire. She braced herself as the alcohol melted her esophagus and ate a hole in her stomach. It took superhuman effort not to cough, wheeze or keel over.

Catching a drop at the corner of her mouth with the tip of her tongue, and ignoring the fact that it tasted worse than cold medicine, she returned the glass to him. "Here, Ryder," she said hoarsely, hoping it came across as husky, "you might need this tonight."

She wanted to stay with him, but the magazine articles she'd glanced over during the day warned her about crowding her man. The "Give Him Space" article promised that if she was the first to leave, he would follow.

Reluctantly, Katie started to move away, letting her hips roll as much as her precarious balance allowed. She sensed Ryder behind her and she hoped he was watching her sexy walk. She felt the tension radiating from him. Follow me, she silently urged. Chase after me. You know you want to. . . .

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