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Karin Tabke

For a long time, controlled chaos ruled Karin Tabke's life. Busy mother of four, owner of her own successful business and wife to a street cop, she harbored thoughts of twisting plots and hot romantic scenes. Now, with only one child left at home and hubby retired from law enforcement, Karin pounds out those steamy scenes at her keyboard.

Still semi distracted by the near daily crisis of two daughters living away from home, two sons playing football, one in college and one in high school and her husband, now a successful football coach and co-founder of a football camp, Karin manages to turn out stories about empowered women and the hot cops who penetrate their lives. A full time writer, Karin draws on a lifetime of stories and backdrops that few outside of the law enforcement community ever see, let alone hear about. Controlled chaos now reins supreme through the pages she writes where hot heroes serve, protect, and pleasure from page one to The End.


"Bada Bing!"

How a Female Undercover Cop Walks a VERY Thin Line—In Very Tall Heels

Straight-laced, by-the-book police officer Philamina Zorn has always lived by the letter of the law—that is, until she is assigned to work with Lieutenant Ty Jamerson, a tough-as-nails, arrogantly handsome cop who knows exactly how to press her buttons. Staking out Klub Kashmir, Lansdowne's hottest gentleman's club, Phil and Ty go undercover to bait the kidnapper of three young women—including two strippers from the club—while trying to keep their clashing personalities at bay. Baring more than just her inhibitions, Phil dons a barely-there ensemble, straps on stilettos, and reveals her feisty side as Kat, a seductively sexy cocktail waitress who lets her luscious curves do the talking. Not only is she determined to expose a criminal, but she has vowed to show her hot-headed lieutenant, a.k.a. floor manager of Klub Kashmir, that she's no shrinking violet.

As Phil and Ty become deeper entrenched in the sordid underground world of exotic dancing, where money means everything and passions run wild, flaring tension becomes uncontrollable lust. It's all they can do not to surrender to desire—a hunger that intensifies with each playful encounter. Meanwhile, a cold-blooded criminal is hiding in the shadows—and a devastating secret that if revealed, could shake Phil to her core.

Beyond The Book - Karin Tabke on GOOD GIRL GONE BAD

Lee : Please tell us some fun facts about yourself that readers won't find on your website.

Karin: First I’d like to say thanks for the invite. I love the site, and I wish you the best of luck with it.

Okay, so fun facts? Drawing a blank. Okay, I just asked my hubby and FIL a fun fact about me and they both said, my love of animals. Which is very true. At one time I raised snakes. Big snakes, boa constrictor type snakes. At that time I also had a 6 foot iguana named Mondo who had the run of the house. And yes, he was potty trained. Hubby and I took a few days off one year and my MIL flew in to watch the kids. Um, we forgot to tell her about Mondo. So when this six foot long living, breathing relic came meandering into the kitchen looking for a snack where MIL was cooking dinner, let’s just say I got an urgent phone call from my neighbor with a hysterical woman shrieking in the back ground. It was one of those priceless moments.

Lee : Thank-you, Karin, for the kind words about the site! I'm very glad to hear you like it. :) When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Karin : I don’t ever remember having that epiphany; it was more like day dreaming in words. :) I led a fairly sheltered life. Boring actually until I picked up THE FLAME AND THE FLOWER, then life as I knew it changed. My school girl fantasies of being swept away by a handsome hero took over, and since it certainly wasn’t happening in my real life, I had to create that life myself. Hence the writing began.

Lee : Please share your 'Call' story - where were you and what were you doing when you got the phone call/letter/email from your editor to say they loved your book and wanted to talk serious business?

Karin : LOL, my Call story is one of a kind. I was on serious narcotics (I’d had surgery two days prior) I was so loaded my husband had to hold the phone to my ear while Kensington editor Hilary Sares, god bless her, told me she not only wanted my novella but a single title as well. I mumbled something incoherent, and waved the phone away. I had more important things to do, like sleep. When I was more coherent the next day I asked my husband, “Did I get ‘the call’ or was I dreaming?”

Lee : Please tell us about GOOD GIRL GONE BAD.

Karin : I love this story! I love Phil and Ty. Their passion, their brains, their commitment to law enforcement, their commitment to each other. They just jumped onto the page one day and I had a hell of a time keeping up with them. They represent a very real dichotomy in law enforcement today. By the book cops who in my opinion limit themselves and the public at large vs those who work under the premise of the spirit of the law. There is a natural conflict and what better way to set that conflict up than between two people who have vastly different policing styles, sexuality styles and life styles?

I received a wonderful email the other day from a multi published friend of mine who just read GOOD GIRL GONE BAD. I think she really got this book, specifically Ty and Philamina’s struggle. She said, “What I liked about your book is that your cops were human. They made mistakes, they had issues, and they longed for the same human connection we all do. They used sex to get it, and found out it just wasn't enough. That's the kind of erotica I like, it had layers.”

Lee : What or who was your inspiration for this novel? Is it based on a real life situation?

Karin : Weeeellll, as you know the opening scene is bad boy Ty being interrogated by newbie IA officer, Philamina Zorn. My husband who has seen the inside of rooms similar to the one described in GOOD GIRL GONE BAD was the inspiration. As far as the letter of the law versus the spirit of the law aspect of this story, my husband has always been a spirit of the law cop. It was really easy to use that to my advantage in this story and it made great conflict with Phil being the stodgy letter of the law IA officer. And btw, in real life as in GOOD GIRL GONE BAD, IA is met with scorn both inside and outside of the PD.

Lee : I understand your husband is a retired police officer. How much of Ty Jamerson's personality - his integrity, his loyalty to the job and to his friends, his drive to make a difference, to protect and serve - do you base on your husband?

Karin : Ty is in so many ways my husband. Both are alphas, and as I’ve stated, my husband is a spirit of the law cop as is Ty. There are no grey areas for either of them in crime. If you’re a bad guy you’re a bad guy and in so choosing you chose the consequences. My husband always had a passion for the job. He had it until the day he retired. Sometimes he would leave for work and say, “I can’t believe they’re actually paying me to do this stuff.” He loved it.

Over the years many cops get jaded, cynical and just stop caring. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. Sometimes too much crap for too long just eats at you and for self preservation you have to turn off your emotions. Too many cops stay on the job too long. But for many they have nowhere to go. Being a cop is not only what they do, but for many how they identify themselves.

Lee : Let's talk about the research you did for this book. What did it entail and how much of it is taken from your husband's experiences as a cop?

Karin : As far as the strip club aspect I watched lots of G-string Divas on HBO. :) I also found some very serious memoirs online of a stripper. I found it fascinating. And, well, I’m not sure if I should say this, my daughter took her brother to a strip club for his 18th birthday, and it was she who not only gave me the low down of the goings-ons, but told me that there were women spectators there as well as men. And the women participated as enthusiastically as the men. I had this confirmed by my manicurist who frequents the clubs with her husband. Go figure. As far as police procedure, IA specifically, hubby was an invaluable resource.

Lee : How much time do you generally spend on research? Do you like to get it all done before the actual writing begins or do you like to do it as you go along with writing the story?

Karin : In the opening chapter of JADED, my hero Jase Vaughn shows up at a very nasty homicide scene. As he is the lead investigator I needed inside a lead investigator’s head. While hubby has had his fair share of murder scenes he was never the detective in charge. So for the authentic take, I interviewed a friend of ours who is a homicide sergeant.

All of that said, I’ll do some research upfront, to get my feet wet so to speak, then research as I go. Unless as with JADED my research is integral to the plot. I can’t write until I know exactly what the accurate procedure is, then I weave the story around the facts. I don’t particularly enjoy research; some of it is very tedious. I’m also working on a medieval, so I’m forced to research upfront, and will continue with research as I go.

Lee : I really appreciate the way you've showcased the struggle dancers face in making a reasonable living. There is a lot in your story that I'd never stopped to consider personally before. What would you say was the one most interesting or memorable fact you learnt about these women during your research?

Karin : Warning: mini rant ahead.

There was more than one memorable fact I learned. First of all, it fried my butt that the dancers had to give a percentage, a very high percentage, of their tips to the house! Oh, and they have to pay a pole fee each night! I didn’t add that in my book, but c’mon, they have to pay pole rent, and give up a chunk of their tips? Hell, some nights the girls end up owing the house!

Have you ever watched an authentic lap dance? I know those girls are zoning out. Getting up on the stage is one thing, but the intimacy of a lap dance with some drunken pervert? And then she has to give up some of those tips as well? No wonder the girls would hold out on the house.

When I watched the HBO series, G-String Divas several things hit home to me. For many women, getting up on stage, and controlling men through sex is a fantasy come true. When you’re up on the stage, you are in control, they cannot touch you, you can act out and be as good or bad as you want to be. Because the stage is elevated it puts the men below you. That positioning in of itself gives you a feeling of superiority. Afterward you can step off the stage and be done with it. And while I know that isn’t the reality of the exotic dancers, I believe they have a certain satisfaction in knowing they are in control and while stripping down to pasties and a G string or less is considered an intimate act, it can be done with some disconnection.

The aspect of exotic dancing that really struck me as difficult for these ladies was the lap dances. It was watching the ladies getting up very close and very personal to strange men that forced me to look beyond the surface of the stereotypical ‘stripper’. It’s different than being up on a stage. For one, the positioning changes. While the man is still ‘below’ you, you are very nearly on an equal level. So the feeling of superiority slips a notch. Imagine being inches away from a strange man’s face. Having to feel his bad breath on you, to smell his foul body odor, to hear his heavy panting as he gets excited, and tells you all of the nasty things he wants to do to you? While it may be exciting if that person was the man of your dreams sans all of the nasty odors, how would you feel if it weren’t? It takes a very courageous lady to walk into that room. I developed a huge respect for Candi, one of the dancers in GOOD GIRL GONE BAD, and dancers like her.

Lee : I like Phil's character. She's spunky and yet so soft-hearted. Was her personality based on a real life person as well?

Karin : I think Phil and I have the same inner child. :)

Lee : If Phil was a real person, do you think she and you would be good friends?

Karin : Hmm, probably not good friends, more like occasional lunch buddies. Only because Phil is a loner. While I enjoy my solitude, I’m not a loner. I’d probably scare her. Phil as she is right now has some more evolving to do on the girlfriend front, and where I am in life, I’m not into growing a friend. They have to come to me already grown. Besides, I can’t see Phil giving anyone other than her hunky man Ty the time of day right now. Maybe in a few years when she comes out of the lust stage we could be friends.

Lee : Could you give us a sneak peek at your next novel, SKIN? What's it about and when will it be available on the shelves?

Karin : SKIN comes out April ’07. This is Reese’s story. He meets fiery mafia princess Francesca Donatello, who is a handful and half. She sends Reese spinning out of orbit. Her family is the West coast version of the Corleones, and Reese is trying to get to the bottom of a gangland hit, who just happens to be Frankie’s father.

Lee : Will Jase get his own book as well?

Karin : I’m working on Jase’s story right now, it’s tentatively titled JADED. I really hope I get to keep that title.

Lee : What hobbies do you like to indulge in when you aren't writing?

Karin : I love watching my sons play football. I love to cook, and I love to read. I love going to Carmel with hubby and completely relaxing.

Lee : How may fans contact you?

Karin : Email me at Visit my website and contact me through the site. I also blog regularly at MurderSheWrites. I love to hear from readers!

Oh, I almost forgot, I wanted to mention, GOOD GIRL GONE BAD will be featured in the November issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, as their ‘Red Hot Read’. I’m really excited.

Lee : Thanks for taking the time for chat with me, Karin! I'm looking forward to reading SKIN in the coming months. :)

Karin : Thank you again for the invitation to chat, Lee and the great questions. I really enjoyed answering them and being a guest of yours here at My Tote Bag.