October 2009
Dear Reader,

Autumn is on a steady approach. The weather performed an abrupt shift in the Mid-Atlantic region with rain and cool temperatures. Trees have begun their transition with leaves turning yellow, orange, or brown. The lawn is already covered with a blanket of fallen leaves. Now, the mornings are crisp. The sun sets earlier and earlier. Time to reach for the hot chocolate, marshmallows, and ginger snaps.

Curling up with a good book is my next happy choice. A romance novel is never far from my fingertips. Trail of Kisses, my upcoming release isn’t available until February, however, pre-ordering is available at many online venues.

Here’s a sample while you sip a cup of tea:

“I understand the purpose of Operation Oasis.” Asia Crawford lifted a devilish red lacy thong with the crook of her pinky finger. She eyed the offending object with a raised eyebrow. “What I don’t understand is why I’ll need this--or any of those.” Her gaze shifted from the gifts of books and candy, before she jutted her chin toward the tiny mound of square latex packages.

“I provided the books,” Denise remarked. “I don’t know what your other sorority sisters have in mind.” She wrinkled her nose with distaste.

“Actually I’ve come to expect this of you, Denise. You’ve made my birthday parties quite the talk.” Asia surveyed the pile of sex accessories. “I’m not sure about what’s the connection between getting laid off and getting laid?”

“Sex soothes the soul.” Naomi folded her long, athletic body onto the sofa next to her. “Plus, it’s been a year since you’ve been with a man. I don’t consider Jack to be a real man. So you’ve had what is called a dry spell. Not good for maintaining positive karma.”

“Well, being summoned in the middle of the day at work to Human Resources with an escort, and told that I have to exit the premises immediately, doesn’t make me want to have sex.” Asia remembered spending the first hour in a fog unable to grasp reality as she’d driven home. When the fog lifted, the full impact threw her emotions into a tailspin. She’d cried, railed at the unfairness, and lay in bed staring at TV into the weekend.

Despite all the logic she told herself, the creeping sense of failure ate at her fragile confidence. Her life appeared to be crumbling like dominoes as one thing crashed into the other until she lay flat, almost lifeless. Everyone told her that another door of opportunity would open. The thought was sadly comedic. In this economy, she’d have to open the doors, along with the windows.

“Here’s a Cosmo.”

Asia took the drink from Sara. She prepared herself for a lecture, as Sara was known for delivering.

“I know you can’t completely put this nasty business out of your mind. But today this intervention has one purpose.”

“An intervention?” Asia almost choked on the heavy serving of vodka laced with a hint of cranberry. She had to thump her chest until the hit of alcohol faded. “I don’t have any addictions, other than TGIF’s Brownie Obsession. Not sure what you’ve heard, although, thanks for all this . . . I think.”

“I’ll leave that comment alone. Now, getting back to the matter at hand, Operation Oasis is more than sexy underwear and physical gratification. You’ve always been there for each of our trials and been there for the celebrations. Let me remind you that the undergrad sorors presented you with the mentorship award for reaching back to pull up your sisters and for serving as a role model. You’ve done so much for so many. The least we could do is to provide a retreat of sorts with this spring trip to Colorado.” Sara’s presentation struck a humorous note with Naomi who snorted. Asia bit her cheek to keep from giggling. “You need some spark back in your life,” Sara added, waving off their silly behavior.

“And heck, it can’t hurt to jump on a harmless booty call with a sexy consenting hunk.” Naomi added, banging her fist into her open palm. Asia shook her head, making a face at Naomi’s skewed philosophy on life and the role of sex. She shoved the lacy undergarments back into the gift bag. Her sorority sisters meant well when they planned and executed rescue missions. After all, she had participated in, and even led, several. Being on the receiving end was beyond embarrassing, though. All playing aside, her sorors’ love threatened to start her tears. And she’d cried enough.

Trail of Kisses: For recently laid-off Asia Crawford, an all-expenses paid vacation to the Colorado Rockies—courtesy of her sorority sisters—is just the getaway she needs. Until Trace Gunthrey shows up, claiming he’s booked in the same rustic cabin! The only solution? To split the two-week time share. But with the gorgeous single father sharing her intimate living space, sleep is the last thing on Asia’s mind.

In Atlanta, Trace is a judge who moves in high-powered circles. Here, he’s just a man at one with nature and the earthy beauty who seems set on seducing him. Trace came out West to get closer to his daughter. Instead, Asia’s the one who’s bonding with both of them, making the captivated widower long to let nature take its course—one scorching kiss at a time!

Publisher: Harlequin Kimani
ISBN: 978-0-373-86151-4
Price of Book: $6.25
Release Date: February 2010

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