September 2009
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The sad news about Patrick Swayze’s passing was recently disclosed. He was one of my favorite actors, and as a result, many of his movies remain in my heart. My prayers extend to his family and his spirit, I believe, will live on.

My all time favorite Swayze movie, Dirty Dancing, captures the romantic in me. First the setting: beautiful mountains as a backdrop and the vacation getaway where a summer love can blossom and be memorable. The story: opposites who attract, are leery of each other’s differences, but overcome obstacles that throw them together in a sweet, passionate coming of age romance. And the characters: how can we not embrace Johnny Castle in the form of a sleek, graceful, gorgeous sinewy Patrick, and a sweet, innocent fresh-faced Francis “Baby” Houseman played by Jennifer Grey. These components come together in the perfect mix to create a classic romantic movie.

Growing up reading tons of romances and enjoying romantic movies provided the rich background for me to write books of a similar vein. Trail of Kisses, my upcoming novel , is filled with classic traditional themes in a wonderful setting with strong memorable characters who fall hard for each other.

Trail of Kisses: For recently laid-off Asia Crawford, an all-expenses paid vacation to the Colorado Rockies—courtesy of her sorority sisters—is just the getaway she needs. Until Trace Gunthrey shows up, claiming he’s booked in the same rustic cabin! The only solution? To split the two-week time share. But with the gorgeous single father sharing her intimate living space, sleep is the last thing on Asia’s mind.

In Atlanta, Trace is a judge who moves in high-powered circles. Here, he’s just a man at one with nature and the earthy beauty who seems set on seducing him. Trace came out West to get closer to his daughter. Instead, Asia’s the one who’s bonding with both of them, making the captivated widower long to let nature take its course—one scorching kiss at a time!

Publisher: Harlequin Kimani
ISBN: 978-0-373-86151-4
Price of Book: $6.25
Release Date: February 2010

Let me introduce you to the characters:

Trace Gunthrey – I like Trace Adkins the country singer and always thought the name Trace was strong and bold. Physically he’s like Gary Dourdan from CSI fame, along with the green eyes. I used the profession of a judge because the perception is that they are authoritative and devoid of emotion. But, specifically, as a judge in the juvenile court, that perception is turned upside down because Trace deals with kids who aren’t aware of their potential. He’s also a father to a teen who acts out her frustration and despair over the loss of her mother.

Asia Crawford- She’s a twin. Now it’s time for her to step to the stage and carve out her own identity from her sister Athena. She’s laid off from her dream job, which comes with a lot of emotional baggage. She worked hard, did everything that she was supposed to do, she followed the rules and now she’s out of a job. But she’s not a whiner. Her instincts to fix and nurture take hold the minute she meets a teen in need of some TLC. Doesn’t hurt that the father makes her knees weak with his sexy smile and devilishly green eyes.

Setting is always important: The Rockies in Colorado provide the perfect backdrop for the beginning half of this story. The mountain range, the wild landscape, and natural beauty of the place mirrors the ravages that Trace and Asia have encountered in their lives and still have to learn to deal with in their current state. And yet, there is semblance of normalcy with the visitors and tourists who live or vacation in the area. Out there in the fresh, crisp air, they have to face their “inner” demons. At the end of the trip, they leave ready to make a decision, whatever it may be, that could take them back to their comfortable lives or set them on a path of the most exciting adventure to true happiness and love.

A little bit about the series: Ladies of Distinction was created as a five-book series featuring sorority sisters: Naomi, Sara, Denise, Athena and Asia. They pledged in college and have graduated, entering the professional world. As they maneuver the choppy waters of their careers, they also have to navigate the dating scene to find their special guys. Their romantic journey to love is filled with angst, seduction, and pure head over heels love between soulmates.

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