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I'm thrilled to announce the third book in my Colorado Cattle Barons series.  Coming out in May is An Intimate Bargain.  The story follows on A Cowboy Comes Home, my January 2012 release and A Cowboy In Manhattan, which came out in February 2012. 

In book one, Caleb Terrell returned to Colorado, was reunited with his estranged twin brother Reed and also met up with sexy neighbor Mandy Jacobs.  In A Cowboy In Manhattan, Reed Terrell found a long-lost Jacobs sister for his own, New York ballerina Katrina.

In An Intimate Bargain, the third Jacobs sister, Abigail, meets newcomer to Lyndon, Colorado, millionaire entrepreneur Zach Rainer.  With her two sisters getting married, Abigail knows she's needed on the ranch, but she desperately wants a different life. As a foster child, Zach struggles to understand family loyalty. All he knows is that he wants Abigail to be happy, and her family seems to be standing in the way.

Here's a little more about An Intimate Bargain:

The one person who can help Zach Rainer close a life-changing deal turns out to be the very woman he just slept with. He knows Abigail Jacobs is attracted to him...but is that enough incentive for her to betray those she loves?

Desperate to leave her family's ranch, Abigail believes Zach might be her perfect hero...until his true motives are revealed. What was once a simple affair has become a complicated that has her battling her own heart. How can she possibly love a man who wants her to choose between him and her family?

To celebrate this new release, I'm giving away a $50.00 giftcard from Barnes & Noble to one lucky reader! All you have to do is:

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The Colorado Cattle Baron series will continue in 2013 with three more stories about the Jacobs and Terrell families.  I hope you'll give one of the books a try.

Thank you and Happy Reading!!

Barbara Dunlop

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