Could aliens really be living among us?

For centuries the question has intrigued writers from Asimov to H G Wells – and me. Most recently, Britain’s best-known astronomer, Sir Patrick Moore, who passed away in December aged 89, predicted that we would  find alien life outside our solar system within the next fifty years.

“We cannot be the only ones,” he said at the launch of his last book, The Cosmic Tourist, adding that, “life is out there.”

The possibility was almost too much for the British Broadcasting Commission to handle. In November 2012, the BBC stopped TV presenter, Professor Brian Cox, from aiming a radio telescope at newly discovered planet, live on his program, Stargazing Life.

The BBC was supposedly concerned that the experiment broke health and safety rules, but could the real reason be a fear that the aliens might answer back?

This was possibly also why the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) no longer sends signals into space, searching for incoming messages instead.

Personally, I hope they do detect a signal. As a supporter of SETI, I would get my name on the Monument to Discovery of Intelligent Life in the Universe to be erected when they accomplish their mission. SETI says “This historical monument will stand as a tribute to the successful search for answers to the ageless questions, ‘Where did we come from?’ and ‘Are we alone?’”

On the SETI website, they describe the discovery of aliens among us as “the biggest scientific discovery of all time.” Maybe I should tell them about the beacons in Birthright. They are second generation aliens who’ve taken over their parents’ mission on Earth and report back to their homeworld.

The team consists of a watcher who can see over unimaginable distances simply by “tuning in” her senses; a listener who can do the same with sound, whether it’s in the next room or the next galaxy, and a messenger linking them with the homeworld. Except their parents’ mission went wrong, and they lost contact with the messenger until watcher, Elaine, and listener, Luke, find themselves drawn to the launch of a private space shuttle on the island kingdom of Carramer. There they meet launch director, Adam Desai. Is he the missing link to complete their team and their mission?

Here’s a little more about Birthright:

Former police officer turned deputy governor, Shana Akers, is used to handling high-stakes situations. But after learning that a space shuttle mission about to be launched from her island home may have a shocking secret agenda, she must turn for answers to the man who has challenged her mind and emotions for years.

Scientific genius and space center director, Adam Desai, is a truly self-made man. Found adrift at sea as a baby, he knows nothing about his origins until two VIPs attending the launch force him to confront the truth about his past, changing everything Adam has ever believed about himself.

Faced with a danger that threatens the entire world, can Adam and Shana find the strength to trust not only each other, but the mysterious VIPs whose unusual abilities defy logical thinking? Especially when it becomes clear that they'll need all of their combined resources to reclaim humanity's BIRTHRIGHT. Published by Corvallis Press USA 2012.

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