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I confess I was a very imaginative little girl.  My imagination was constantly getting me into trouble as I had a tendency to embellish the truth...and make up little stories about my life...stories that weren't exactly true.  In second grade I told people my mother was a witch--a really mean witch--and she made my baby brother's diapers from ground up stones.  That story got back to my mother...not good.  In third grade my class helped me celebrate my birthday on Valentine's Day, instead of February 17th (my real birthday) because I'd told the teacher that my mother didn't like to spoil Valentine's Day with my birthday. Hmmm...Jane and her imagination...

Fortunately, as I grew up, I learned to take my love of fairytales, Greek myths, and Disney movies and turn them into stories I wrote down...stories about other people instead of me, or my family (or my poor mother).  

One of my all-time favorite Disney movies was the 1961 film, The Parent Trap, starring Hayley Mills. I loved the premise...what if I had a twin sister somewhere (never mind the real sister and brothers already in my family)? What was my twin doing? Would she like me? Was she doing okay...or was she living a more privileged life than I was?  The Prince and the Pauper was another story that made me wish I had a twin, and that I could change someone else...experience a different life.

That’s how I came up with the idea behind my Royalty Duo books – Not Fit For A King? and His Majesty’s Mistake

Separated at birth, twin sisters Hannah and Emmeline had very different up-bringings.  Hannah was raised in rural Texas, while Emmeline took her rightful place as a princess, enjoying a life of unequaled privilege.  Reunited years later, the identical sisters cause the scandal of the century by swapping places and posing as each other. But now their paths have crossed with two powerful rulers—and their princess and pauper charade is about to be exposed!

I had so much fun writing these stories and am pleased to share that book 1, Not Fit For A King? was a Top Pick! for RT Book Reviews Magazine and received 4.5 stars too.  All reviews have been great so far and if you pick up a copy of this book, I hope you’ll enjoy it too!  Here’s a bit more about the book –

The Impostor Princess...

It's the stuff of fairytales: Hannah agrees to help out a princess, and within hours finds herself engaged to a king! But this dangerous charade has to end fast — the electrifying chemistry between them feels far too real!

...and the King!

Zale's royal bride-to-be looks like the pampered princess he's being forced to wed — yet she transforms into a feisty woman who makes his blue blood run hot! But is she fit to be his queen? Zale will just have to tempt her out from beneath her tiara to find out! 

To celebrate this new release, I'm giving away a $50.00 giftcard from Barnes & Noble to one lucky reader! All you have to do is:

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