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When I sit down to knit a scarf or hat for a loved one, I always “knit” a few prayers and good wishes into the stitches in hopes that they’ll rub off on the recipient later down the line.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t a far jump from there to—“Wouldn’t it be cool if a person could knit a magic spell?”

That’s how my novel The Wishing Thread was born.

In the book, three estranged sisters are brought together when the family matriarch makes an unusual request in her will.  The sisters must come together to decide the fate of their yarn shop—The Stitchery—located in the charming and storied village of Tarrytown, New York.

Meggie is the youngest sister; she’s a feisty, rough-and-tumble roller derby girl who will do anything for her family—even if she doesn’t exactly go about it in the right way.

Bitty is the oldest; she’s got two wonderful children and a not-so-wonderful marriage. She likes to be in charge (but soon learns that she’s got to lean on her sisters sometimes).

Aubrey, the main character, is a nerdy librarian. She’s soft-spoken, sincere to a fault, and a little insecure when we first meet her—specifically about her role in the community as a knitter of “magic spells.”  

Each sister brings her own ideas to the table about what the family magic is (or isn’t). But Aubrey has her own secret reason questioning her role in The Stitchery: His name is Vic Oliveira, and he isn’t put off by her bookish quirks or freakish blue eyes.

Writing about the emotional journey of these three women—with a healthy dose of romance—was a total delight. Even though I didn’t get much knitting done, they did!

If you’ve ever felt that spark that passes from one person to another when a handmade gift is exchanged, I think you’ll enjoy The Wishing Thread.

I’m happy to call-in or Skype-in to your book or knitting group, should you decide to read The Wishing Thread with friends. Details are on my site. You can also find me on Facebook!

Here's a little more about The Wishing Thread:

“Reader to reader, knitter to knitter, you’re going to love this book.” – Debbie Macomber

The Wishing Thread is an enchanting novel about the bonds between sisters, the indelible pull of the past, and the transformational power of love.

The Van Ripper women have been the talk of Tarrytown, New York, for centuries. Some say they’re angels; some say they’re crooks. In their tumbledown “Stitchery,” not far from the stomping grounds of the legendary Headless Horseman, the Van Ripper sisters—Aubrey, Bitty, and Meggie—are said to knit people’s most ardent wishes into beautiful scarves and mittens, granting them health, success, or even a blossoming romance. But for the magic to work, sacrifices must be made—and no one knows that better than the Van Rippers.

When the Stitchery matriarch, Mariah, dies, she leaves the yarn shop to her three nieces. Aubrey, shy and reliable, has dedicated her life to weaving spells for the community, though her sisters have long stayed away. Bitty, pragmatic and persistent, has always been skeptical of magic and wants her children to have a normal, nonmagical life. Meggie, restless and free-spirited, follows her own set of rules. Now, after Mariah’s death forces a reunion, the sisters must reassess the state of their lives even as they decide the fate of the Stitchery. But their relationships with one another—and their beliefs in magic—are put to the test. Will the threads hold?

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Sending you all my good wishes,

lisa van allen

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