Author Sound Relations is dedicated to helping our authors deliver information about their newest releases to their targeted audience and the media in a proficient and professional manner.

We pride ourselves in building long-term relationships with our clients and always do our best to cater to their specific needs. At ASR, we realize that authors don't always have the time to devote to publicity and promotion or even toward the mundane office tasks that pile up on the corner of their desks while they're busy with the real work - like writing the book! ASR can help.

We know that by the time they're done meeting their deadline pressures, some authors are simply daunted or overwhelmed by the thought of covering promotional angles just on their home base, never mind breaking into foreign markets. Especially markets like North America where the competition is fierce and the readership is enormous.

With over seventeen years of experience in marketing and administration in the North American and Overseas market, ASR is in a position to assist those who need an extra hand or even a gentle push in the right direction. Sometimes it's just a matter of knowing the right people or creating the right impression. No matter how big or small your objective is, we're more than ready to do our share to help you achieve it.

Whether you're looking for creative concepts, administrative or research assistance, media publicity, or online promotion with affordable pricing ~ it's all guaranteed as part of our teamwork.

Let ASR help you organize your administrative and promotional needs and make an impact on your audience with a friendly and efficient approach to publicity.

Drop us an email at for more information or call 425.749.7418. We'd love to hear from you!

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