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There's no way I could do what I do, if it weren't for Leena Hyat and Author Sound Relations. Lee makes it possible for me to be in three places at once!
She has the knowledge and capacity to do almost anything if she knows and understands my goals, objectives and budget limitations. She's extremely hard working, fast, and very conscientious. She's really the Superwoman behind my success.
~ Jane Porter

Perceptive, creative, fast and accurate--that's Leena Hyat and Author Sound Relations. From admin and research to blogs and branding, Leena accomplishes what I need before I think of it myself!
~ Barbara Dunlop

Author Sound Relations helps me reach readers with attractive, NewsWire newsletters that provide plenty of information about my books. Leena is easy to work with and always does a good job of showcasing my latest release.
~ Jennifer Estep

Dealing with Lee is amazing. Her work is excellent, her prices reasonable. She's creative, prompt, understands my deadlines and always meets hers. Lee frees me up to focus on what I love--the writing. She takes care of the details, so I don't have to worry. She's a valued member of my team and I would be lost without her.
~ Susan Mallery

I trust Leena implicitly. She's discreet in every respect and prudent with funds. She always goes the extra mile, and is constantly sourcing new and worthwhile promo opportunities. Not only is she super-efficient and pro-active, she is also encouraging and supportive and always ready to discuss business ideas.
Leena is a brilliant sounding board and not afraid to state her views if she believes them to be in her clients best interest. She sorts out the wheat from the chaff opportunities, leaving me to do what I do best, which isn't promo but writing.

~ Susan Stephens

Lee has been wonderful at helping me with a variety of needs. Whether it's designing a bookmark, arranging a blog tour, or formatting a book for Kindle, she's been friendly, efficient, professional, and a pleasure to work with.
~ Kate Hewitt

Lee is quite simply a star. She's unfailingly helpful, efficient, creative and totally scrupulous in her accounting. She takes on all the 'extras' a writer needs and deals with them, freeing me to do the most important part of my job - the writing. No matter what I need, nothing is too much trouble, and she takes the time and gives the commitment that means I get the best in quality design and service. I could never have managed a major undertaking like the big celebration contest for my 50th title without her. She's invaluable.
~ Kate Walker

Leena Hyat at Author Sound Relations is professional, prompt and proactive in promoting and supporting romance writers across the globe. Her work for me as a virtual assistant has freed up hours of precious writing time. I would be lost without her!
~ Melanie Milburne

I've known Lee for several years now and am so grateful for her enthusiastic support. She's a terrific designer who understands the romance market because she loves the books too. She's prompt, efficient and ever helpful when it comes to marketing and promotion. Basically she's a pleasure to deal with. I couldn't recommend her too highly.
~ Annie West

Lee is organized, efficient, and fun to work with, not to mention FAST! I love working with her!
~ Tina Leonard

Leena Hyat of Author Sound Relations provides top-notch , professional service that is customized to my needs. Her stellar reputation in publicity and promotions is proven consistently with each project.
~ Michelle Monkou

Author Sound Relations respects my comfort level and my budget. No matter the size of the project, Leena Hyat helps me play up my strengths and keeps me focused. With her support, I reach my goals and get maximum results.
~ Susanna Carr

Deciding to work with Lee was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my writing career. She’s always efficient, knowledgeable and in tune with what I do…and I trust her to give me great publicity advice. In only a few short months, I saw real results across the board. Lee’s dedicated to what she does and I’m happy to be one of the lucky recipients of her expertise!
~ Donna Alward

From brainstorming to execution, Lee is effective, fast, and willing to go the extra mile.
~ Sydney Croft

Lee's creative work with bookmarks and postcards as well as her organizational help with getting guest blogging dates and keeping track of contests are amazing. I especially love that I can ask her to design a bookmark and the whole thing is done in days! I have really benefited from her help, expanding my readership and making new contacts.
~ Jessica Barksdale Inclán

Author Sound Relations have really helped me take my first steps as a Harlequin Presents author. Leena has been invaluable in setting me on the right road. Her organizational skills and creativity are awesome, leaving me to concentrate on what I like doing best - writing.
~ Christina Hollis

Lee provided great insights into expanding my newsletter subscribers, helping me grow the list by 65%, and her design skills on bookmarks and postcards are superlative.
~ Jennifer Skully

When it comes to getting the buzz out on my books, Leena is my go-to gal.
~ Metsy Hingle

Lee is amazing! She is extremely professional with everything that she does for me. I appreciate her attention to all of the details and the time that she is willing to take to explain things to me - thank you, Lee!
~ Dana Hallahan

Lee is the kind of person who, if she says she’ll do something, does it. She’s efficient, a pleasure to deal with and a true romance lover.
~ Nancy Warren

Lee is an absolute wonder-- helpful, supportive and incredibly knowledgeable. I have no idea how I'd make it in this business without her.
~ Tracy Wolff

Leena takes the stress out of promoting your book! She has creative marketing ideas, sharp business savvy and top-notch execution skills. I'm so glad she's working with me!
~ Pat White

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